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Why Our Customers Love our Canvas Prints, and You Will Too!

Sure, a lot of companies can print photos on canvas but our proprietary photo enlargement technology and world-class printers mean Posterjack Canvas Prints are the best of the best. Quality is just one of the many reasons our customers call us Canada’s Photo Art Experts!

Not All Canvas is Created Equal

Canvas comes in a variety of styles and qualities. Unfortunately, a lot of companies use low-quality, chemically treated canvas that has been made in China. Not Posterjack. Our Canvas Prints are manufactured in Toronto and whitened using an environmentally-safe process. Our quality 420 gsm canvas is made from a 60/40 poly/cotton blend and an authentic canvas weave.

Photo Art That Will Last a Life Time, or Three!

Posterjack Canvas Prints are protected with a state-of-the-art lamination procedure and Artshield UV protection laminate. This protection goes deep into the canvas to ensure that, just like an oil painting in a museum, your photo art will last for generations. Be wary of canvas products that are uncoated or protected with lacquers as they will crack, fade, and turn yellow over time!

Hand-Stretched to Perfection

Stretching canvas on a frame is an age-old practise that requires skill and knowledge. Posterjack’s team of experts hand-stretch each canvas to perfection and ensure the corners are perfectly folded and tucked. Quality is important to us, which is why our frames are made from custom-cut, kiln-dried Canadian basswood which, of course, comes from renewable forests.

Trust Posterjack for Your Canvas Printing Needs

When you display your amazing photos on canvas, people are sure to take notice. When you let Posterjack do the work, you can count on people being amazed. We take a lot of pride in our canvas production and we hope that you will trust your canvas printing and stretching to us!

Choose the edge treatment option that works best for you.

A wrapped canvas print means something must go onto the edges of the artwork. We've left that specific something up to you, with a choice of three different but equally impressive edge options. We'll even show you a unique real-time preview, so you can choose exactly which one works best for your photo!


Enhance Your Canvas Print to Match Your Décor

All of Posterjack’s Canvas Prints arrive at your door hand-stretched and ready to hang. Want to enhance your print? No problem! Once you upload your photo, you can choose to add a floater frame to your Canvas Print. Floater frames are available in black, espresso, or white, so no matter what your home décor style is, your print will look outstanding.







Customize Your Image

Sometimes a photo needs a little help to get it looking just the way you want. When you upload a photo, you have the option to crop the image so it’s perfectly composed, add a border choosing from a large variety of different colours and sizes, or even add a creative effect to your photo. Effects options include Black & White, Sepia Tone, Solarize, Pop Art, Charcoal Sketch, and Linocut. Have fun and see what each effect looks like – if you don’t like it, simply click on Original Colour and your photo goes back to how it was before you started.













Where does Posterjack ship to?

We ship our products to anywhere in Canada. At this time, we are unable to ship outside of the country. All of our products are shipped via FedEx.

How much does shipping cost?

Our standard shipping rate is $9.99. This is a flat rate and applies to your entire order, regardless of the product, quantity, or size. Due to the higher costs of delivering to rural areas, a rural delivery surcharge of $20 is applied to remote addresses. If this surcharge is applicable to your order, you will be notified after you enter your postal code during the checkout process. We offer free shipping on all orders over $150.

Can you guarantee my Canvas Print will arrive in good condition?

All orders are packaged with our time-tested, super-tough packaging materials. That said, accidents do happen and if your order does get damaged during shipping, you will be completely covered as all of our shipments are fully insured.

How long does it take you to print my photo on canvas?

Posterjack Canvas Prints take approximately 5-7 business days to produce. Please note that this is an average time. Because each piece of art is a custom product, production times can vary slightly.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

As soon as your order is shipped, you will receive a tracking number. Shipping times vary depending on which part of Canada you live in but the estimated time for most major Canadian cities is three days. For an additional fee, we can also ship your order via FedEx Priority Overnight. Local Toronto pick-up is also an option at no cost. For more information, please visit our Production & Shipping page.

Free image quality check

When you upload a photo to, the very first thing we do is take a look at your image resolution, compare it with your chosen print size, and then provide you with a quality score which can be seen immediately after uploading your photo. This free image quality check only takes seconds but ensures you’ll be happy with your Canvas Print – no more second-guessing as to whether or not your photo is suitable for printing in a large format. If your quality score isn’t as high as you would like it to be, you can try switching to a smaller print size. If your quality score is unsuitable, you will not be able to proceed through the checkout process as print results will not meet our high standards and will be considered unacceptable. In this case, please choose either a smaller print size or a photo with a higher resolution. Please feel free to contact customer support for additional help.

What type of file should I upload?

We process the four most common image types. All digital cameras and graphic design programs will produce at least one of these file types. The types we accept are JPEG, TIFF, BMP, & PNG. Our preferred file type is JPEG, which produces excellent print results and efficient file sizes! If your image is in a different format, please save it as one of the above formats before submitting to us.

Your digital camera produces images in a colour space we support – typically sRGB. If you prefer, you can also upload images in Adobe RGB or any other popular RGB Colour Profile. Please do not upload images in the CMYK colour space - colour shifting is likely to occur.

How large of a file can I upload?

You can upload files up to 50 MB in size. If your image is larger than 50 MB, check to ensure it has been saved as a JPEG (TIFF files are generally a lot larger than JPEGs with no real advantage for print quality).

There is also an image resolution limit of 80 megapixels (MP). Mega is a prefix for one million, meaning your image can have up to eighty million pixels. That’s a huge amount! In fact, even the highest end cameras don’t take images that large. So you can be sure this is more than enough resolution to create excellent prints at any of our sizes. To calculate the megapixels of your image, you only need to know the pixel dimensions of your image and plug them into this simple formula: (pixel width * pixel height) / 1,000,000 = MP.

If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re happy to help!

Your print sizes are listed under aspect ratio categories. What is an “aspect ratio”?

The “aspect ratio” of a photo, in its simplest terms, refers to the rectangle size of the image. Photos can be taken as long panoramic rectangles, shorter rectangles, squares, and anything in between. The “aspect ratio” measurement is a technical way of expressing the exact rectangle size for a photo or image. This is expressed as the relative length of the long edge of the image, compared to the short edge. Here is an infographic to help explain!


What is canvas printing and why is it so popular?

Printing on canvas simply means that we take your digital photo and print it directly onto canvas. With the exception of a special coating for our inks, the canvas we print your photos on is the same type an artist would use for an oil painting. This means that your photo on canvas will literally be a work of art. Thanks to print quality improving significantly, as well as the quality of digital photos, the popularity of canvas printing has exploded in recent years. View our PDF Info Sheet for a downloadable and printable overview of our Photo Canvas Prints.

Why should I have Posterjack print my photo on canvas?

In Canada, there are only a couple of companies that print photos on canvas properly. Posterjack is one of them. The “other guys” just don’t do things the way they ought to be done. Take a look at the comparison below to see the difference between how we do things and how other companies cut corners with their canvas printing.

Posterjack The Other Guys
• Uses a premium poly/cotton blend canvas.
• Uses canvas made in Canada.
• Uses canvas that is whitened using an environmentally-safe process.
• Use cheap polyester canvas.
• Use canvas made in China.
• Use canvas that is manufactured with harsh chemical brightening agents.
• Uses Artshield Laminate to protect your print so it won't fade for 200 years. • Do not use protection, so the canvas is exposed to the elements.
• Use liquid laminates which initially look good, but crack, fade, and turn yellow over time.
• Makes custom frames from select Canadian basswood from renewable sources. • Make frames from plywood or by using cheap frame kits that can bow and warp over time.
• Prints your photos on canvas using HP inkjet printers.
• Uses the Giclée printing method and Vivera archival inks.
• Print photos on canvas using solvent-based printers, whose chemical inks produce inferior image quality and are guaranteed to fade in less than 10 years.
• Expertly hand-stretches your canvas and secures it with galvanized staples. • Use canvas kits with glue and tape.
• Incorrectly use stretching machines which lead to rippled and uneven stretching.

Can you tell me about Posterjack’s canvas manufacturing process?

Sure! We start with a 60/40 poly/cotton canvas that is produced in North America and is free from any optical brightening agents. Posterjack Canvas Prints have a texture that looks amazing, especially when compared to many of the very flat and homogenous-looking canvas prints produced by other canvas printing companies.

We use the Giclée method of printing. This means that we use an inkjet printer rather than a solvent printer or dye sublimation. Our printers use highly fade-resistant water-based inks. In accelerated tests conducted by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., our Canvas Prints lasted 200 years.

Will my canvas be stretched on a frame?

Absolutely! Every Posterjack Canvas Print is hand-stretched on a 1.5-inch deep wooden frame that is ready to hang on your wall as soon as it arrives at your door.

What will the edges of my canvas look like?

Our default edge style is what we call a mirrored edge. This means that we take the outer 1.5-inch of the perimeter of your photo and reflect it onto the edges. This results in the composition of your photo being preserved on the face of the canvas, while the outer edges of your photo flow over onto the sides of the print.

Can I add a floater frame to my Canvas Print?

You can add a floater frame to nearly any size of Canvas Print. If this add-on is available for your chosen size of print, you will see the option to include it once you’ve uploaded your image. We only use non-toxic paint and, like our Wood Prints, our floater frames are made in Canada using Canadian wood. They are available in black, espresso, or white, making it easy to choose something that matches your home décor.

What else can you tell me about your Canvas Prints?

We hope you’ll choose Posterjack to print your photos on canvas. We put a lot of pride into creating the best product available in Canada. When your package arrives on your doorstep and you see your photo printed on a Posterjack product, you’ll immediately recognize the hard work and quality that has gone into turning your photo into art.

What sizes and prices are offered?

From common camera output ratios, to square, to panoramic, Posterjack Canvas Prints are available in a wide variety of sizes. A few of the more popular sizes are shown in our upload tool, but many more sizes are available by clicking on the “More Sizes” dropdown menu.

Posterjack Canvas Reviews

We've just started (as of June 2017) collecting product specific reviews with Yotpo. We look forward to collecting many more reviews of our Canvas Prints. For general reviews on Posterjack, click here to see over 19000 reviews.