Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Posterjack to create my photo art?

  • Posterjack is passionate about turning your photos into the very best photo art that we possibly can. We have a dedicated team and the most advanced printing equipment available. We are based in Toronto, Canada, so you can feel comfortable that you are dealing with a Canadian company. We believe that we became the photo-to-art leaders for a few reasons:

    1. We offer a fantastic online shopping experience.
    2. We make boutique photo art products accessible to everyone: from Pros to Regular Joes.
    3. We make the type of products that you'll love so much, you'll tell all your friends about them.
    4. We offer great prices and fair shipping rates.
    5. We take customer satisfaction seriously. In fact, we post every single piece of customer feedback—positive and negative—for you to read. That keeps us honest and always improving.

How do I start creating photo art?

  • All we require is a quality digital photo or digital image. For a photo, we suggest you start with the original image from a digital camera, not one copied from the Internet. If you have created a graphic design, you are likely already savvy with digital images and understand resolution, so we suggest you create an image that will be 150 dpi at the printed size. If you aren't overly photo savvy, just upload your photo and we will automatically provide you with a quality score based on your photo and the size of art you've selected. Alternatively, if you don’t have a photo you want to turn into art, you can now browse our Art Shop, where you can explore our curated galleries and find that perfect photo from a library of over a million images.

What can you tell me about your different products?

  • Poster Prints, also known as photo enlargements or fine art prints, are the classic and most popular type of photo art. They look amazing and are very affordable. Posterjack Poster Prints look great displayed on their own, framed, or hung with an aluminum poster hanger.
  • Peel & Stick Posters are a personal favourite of ours – they really are the ultimate poster. Your photo is printed onto a linen fabric with an adhesive back. The amazing thing is that they can be stuck to pretty much any surface, are repositionable, and won’t harm the paint on walls.
  • Canvas Prints are a very popular product that everyone loves. Your photo is printed on canvas, protected with ArtShield laminate, and then stretched over a wooden frame. The texture of the canvas gives the artwork depth and interest. A Posterjack Canvas Print is durable and is not framed behind glass like a photo print. It arrives ready to hang. We also offer multi-panel canvas prints, providing you the option to split a single image into a two-panel split, a three-panel split, or a four-panel split.
  • Metal Prints are a modern and edgy way to display your photos. We print your image directly on a sheet of brushed aluminum. The interesting part is that anywhere there is white or grey in your photo, the raw aluminum will show, creating a sheen and sense of depth. Metal Prints are very eye-catching and come with three hanging options: standoff mounts on the corners, float mounts for a clean- unframed look, or modern float frame in four colours. We also offer an easel for table-top display!
  • Wood Prints are loaded with character and each print is one of a kind. We print your photo directly onto Canadian birch wood with our special UV inks. The wood’s natural tones and grains become part of your image, creating an Instagram-like filter effect to your photo. Like our Metal Prints, the raw wood shows through where there are light colours within your photo.
  • Acrylic Prints are a favourite with professional photographers. Every Posterjack Acrylic Print is made with 99.9% optically-pure acrylic, and its edges are polished to a crystal-clear sheen so light refracts from the edges. Colours are extremely vivid and accurate. Print your photo on acrylic and be amazed with the results!
  • Gallery Boxes are the new black of interior design. They’re extremely versatile, designer-approved, and will look great no matter where you display them. Available in several different sizes and colours, we're certain you'll be able to create the look you want with our Gallery Boxes.
  • Framed Photos are available in a wide variety of sizes and colours. We start by printing your photo on the world's best fine art paper, Hahnemühle Photo Rag, we then professionally frame it in a solid wood frame and use low-glare framers acrylic and acid-free mat board. Our frames look fantastic. And the best part? We do all the work for you! In addition to our more traditional Framed Prints, we also offer artisan-crafted Barnwood Frames where each frame is one of a kind and are the perfect blend of elegance and raw style, and high-gloss, Italian-made Lacquer Frames that are the pinnacle of modern design.
  • Frameless Mounting is a very simple, yet classic way to display your art. There is no frame to distract from the photo. Your photo is mounted on a solid MDF board and protected with an ArtShield laminate. This ensures a very long lasting and extremely durable product.
  • Photoboards are the alternative to mounting a photo. We print your photo directly onto a ¼-inch thick hard white board. The colours of your photo are vibrant and accurate, and the surface of a Photoboard has a modern satin-matte sheen. With no frame to distract the eye from your image, you photo will really stand out when made into a Photoboard!
  • Acrylic Blocks are made from a perfectly clear, one-inch thick piece of premium cast acrylic that captures and refracts light in a way you just have to see for yourself! It's the most interesting way to display your photos in a small format.
  • Woodstand Prints will take your desk décor to a whole new level. We start by printing your photo on a solid, 1/4-inch thick board. We then make the Woodstand using select Canadian Douglas fir. Every Woodstand is unique, made in-house, and eco-friendly. Your Woodstand Print will be the center of attention regardless of whether you choose to display it on your desk, a shelf, or mantel.
  • Collages are a great way to show off a collection of photos. You can create a collage using our free online tool, then you can use that collage on any of our products.

What happens to my photo or digital image when I upload it?

  • We only store your image if you place an order. In that case, we use your image to create your photo art and nothing else. We hold on to your image for six weeks in case you require a reprint. After that, we delete your photo from our records. If we ever want to use your image for a special purpose like a marketing campaign, we’ll contact you to ask for permission. Our business is built on the trust you place in us and we would never do anything to jeopardize that.

Can you give me some specific details on the types of image files you accept?

  • We process the four most common image types. All digital cameras and graphic design programs will produce at least one of these file types. The types we accept are JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and PNG. Our preferred file type is JPEG, which produces excellent print results and efficient file sizes. If your image is in a different format, please save it as one of the above formats before submitting to us.
  • Don’t worry if you aren't a big colour geek, your camera produces images in a colour space we can handle (typically sRGB). If you prefer, you can also upload images in Adobe RGB, or any other popular RGB Colour Profile. Please do not upload images in the CMYK colour space.
  • You can upload files up to 50 MB in size. Should your images be larger than 50 MB, please contact us for details on how to process your order.

How big does my digital photo need to be to get a high quality piece of art?

  • If you aren’t the technical type, just upload your photo and we will give you a quality score based on your image and the print size you desire. If your score isn't as high as you would like, try a smaller print size. If your score is unsuitable, we won't let you proceed and you will need to contact customer support for help.
  • If you do have a technical understanding of photo resolution, we base the quality score on the pixels of your image. We recommend that the printable DPI should be over 100 for any size of print. However, as you print larger sizes with the same digital image, the DPI will steadily decrease, but you will also view the art from further away, so this lower DPI is not a problem. 300 DPI is the best you can get, anything higher than this does not improve print quality. We do not recommend artificially creating more pixels in your digital image by using graphic editing programs as the results are typically very poor. If you must resize an image, we recommend that you use specialized software such as Alien Skin or Genuine Fractals which have much better results, but will still definitely alter the image drastically when they add the additional pixels.

Is shopping at Posterjack safe?

  • We have taken every step possible to make shopping at Posterjack safe. Our checkout process is totally secure (note the https:// in the URL bar when you are checking out) and uses 256 Bit Encryption. Credit Card processing is handled by BeanStream, one of the top three credit card processing companies in Canada. They have incredibly safe data centres. Posterjack is never privy to—and therefore, never stores—your credit card information.

What types of payment do you accept?

  • For Credit Card payment we accept Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX.
  • If you don’t have a credit card, we also accept PayPal and Interac Online.

Will the colours of my photo art be the same as I see on my monitor?

  • The colours of your photo art will be very accurate to the true colour of the image. Accuracy is very important to us and we have developed proprietary software to help us deliver the very best colours for our customers. The exception to this is with our Metal Prints and our Wood Prints. Because we print directly onto the metal and wood, the colours will not be as accurate as they are with our other photo art products. These products are intended to be creative and unique art pieces rather than simply a strict reproduction of the original photo.
  • Most computer monitors do not display colours accurately. In most cases, monitors artificially enhance the colours being displayed. Because the colours from Posterjack are extremely accurate, when you receive your photo, you will notice that the photo looks a lot more like what you remember in your mind than what you see on your computer screen. After tens of thousands of prints and happy customers, we are sure you will be happy with the results!

Will Posterjack make any adjustments or edits to my photo?

  • Posterjack offers a free image enhancing service to all of our customers. This option is displayed in the Photo Art Editor after you upload your photo. The service is automatically enabled, however you may disable it for each photo you upload. Image enhancement is recommended for everyone except professional photographers that have already tuned their images. Our image enhancement process will make significant changes to images that need a lot of help to look their best. The results are incredible! If your image is already very good in terms of exposure, colour and sharpness, the changes made will be very subtle and in some cases may not change at all.

How does shipping work with Posterjack?

  • We have a special page dedicated entirely to shipping. We are experts at shipping photo art and we have fair shipping rates. Our goal is to get your art to you quickly at the lowest cost possible. We don’t attempt to profit from shipping as we see shipping as an enabler to our business, not something that should turn people away.

Where can I find Posterjack’s prices?

  • Right from the get-go we decided our prices should be up front and centre. That is because we know we have great prices. From our homepage you can use the upload tool on the right-hand side to see the prices for every product we offer. Just click on the "select size" button to see all the sizes and prices we offer for the selected product. We typically have over 30 sizes per product. For products where multiple hanging options are offered, the styles and prices are shown immediately after you upload your photo. The price you see listed is the price you pay. Sales taxes are charged based on the address of the customer during the checkout phase.

What sizes are available?

  • For most products we offer over 30 sizes. We group the sizes into their aspect ratio (square, digital camera, etc.) to make it easier to find the size you are interested in. To see a full list of sizes for a particular product, use the “more sizes” drop down box in the upload bar on the right side of the screen.

Your print sizes are listed under aspect ratio categories. What is an “aspect ratio”?

  • The “aspect ratio” of a photo, in its simplest terms, refers to the rectangle size of the image. Photos can be taken as long panoramic rectangles, shorter rectangles, squares, and anything in between. The “aspect ratio” measurement is a technical way of expressing the exact rectangle size for a photo or image. This is expressed as the relative length of the long edge of the image, compared to the short edge. Here is an infographic to help explain! ratio.jpg

How does Posterjack handle data privacy issues?

  • As an e-retailer, we are very concerned with your privacy. We use your personal information to process your order and nothing more. If we use your personal information to market to you, it is because you signed up for our newsletter. For more detailed information, please see our Privacy Policy.

What if I am unhappy with the product when I receive it? Do you guarantee your products?

  • Customer satisfaction is really important to us - an unhappy customer is the worst thing we can imagine. If you aren’t 100% happy with your product, we will bend over backwards to correct the situation. All of our products are guaranteed for one year against defects. Online photo printing has never been easier or more convenient.