Professional Photographer FAQ

Does Posterjack service professional photographers?

  • Yes we do! Although our main customer base is general consumers and hobbyist photographers, we do have many professional photographers that rely on us as a trusted business partner. We’ve developed our products to be best-in-class, so whether printing for an exhibition or for your clients, you can be sure you will be getting a high quality item you can be proud of. Our awesome customer service team is very knowledgeable and is always happy to help with any questions you might have!

How does Posterjack handle colour management?

  • All our print processes are fully colour calibrated. While colour results are quite accurate to the original, there may be differences between our prints compared with that which you see on your monitor, or even other prints that you might have. Small colour variances are a fact of online printing – there are too many variables at play in order for colours to perfectly match each customer’s different monitor. Because of this limitation, 100% colour accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Printing online offers many advantages including convenience and price, but please keep in mind colours may not be a 100% match to your monitor, even if it is calibrated. With that said, our calibrated systems mean colours turn out great, and we have a long track record of customers who are very happy with their prints!

Does Posterjack offer a discount incentive for professional photographers?

  • As an online business, we’ve set up our pricing structure to be at a very competitive level that all customers have access to. We want to be the most accessible photo printer in Canada, and that means offering everybody a good price. Because of this, we do not have separate pricing tiers for professional photographers – the normal retail prices are already set with value in mind. While other websites may offer a “pro discount,” this reduction is off a much higher retail price, meaning that even with the discount the final product cost is usually still higher than ours. We like to be honest up front, and don’t have any pricing or marketing gimmicks.

Does Posterjack offer test prints or a sample kit?

  • We do not offer test prints, but we do sell a wonderful sample kit. It contains 6.5-inch square prints of our most popular products: Acrylic, Metal, Photoboard, Wood, Canvas, Fine Art Paper, Satin-Matte Paper, Glossy Paper, and Peel & Stick wall decals. The image we use for the sample items is of colourful hot air balloons, which provides a good look at a broad rainbow of colours across the spectrum, as well as fine detail reproduction. The sample kit is only $10 and includes a $10 gift voucher to offset the cost of the kit if you decide to place an order. The voucher applies to any Posterjack product. You can find the Sample Kit in the accessories section of the website.

Does Posterjack offer drop/blind-drop shipping?

  • Posterjack does offer drop shipping! During the checkout process there is a designated area to enter a shipping address for your clients. We’ll ship directly to them, and we never include invoicing or pricing details in the parcel. We do not offer “blind” drop shipping, so your customers will know the products are coming from Posterjack – Canada’s best online print shop!

Can I include my signature on images?

  • You certainly can include a digital signature on your prints. We ask that this signature is not placed directly at the edge of your images, and that it is slightly inset from the edges. With products like Posters, Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints, and Photoboards, there is trimming involved during production, so a minimum ¼-inch buffer from the edge must be used when placing your signature on the image. This is also the case with Framed Photos, where a ¼-inch of the image is placed behind the matting.